V&G started in 2009, having as main activity international negotiations between international buyers and sellers, which has a mandatory company of some companies in the world, providing advice and international consultancy in export processes, usually in segments food, goods and commodities, especially sugar, soy, beef, chicken, natural and manufactured products.

With extensive experience in performance in the international market, initially through the market-shares Assets Securities and Exchange business practiced by the family of its managing partners; engaged, if involved, and therefore specialized, and of course with the international export market for food products and commodities, which enables the V&G, to move and conduct business management with ease and expert understanding in all stages involving international trade, including legal proceedings, as part documentary, contractual, handling letters of credit, INCOTERMS and the like, as well as monitoring and physical-chemical analysis of the products involved where necessary.

V&G rooted in this “know-how” partners in various countries, as well as V&G agents located abroad, so the V & G seeks, through its powers, the realization of the needs, expectations and satisfaction of its suppliers, customers and partners; with the main objective, the enhancement of security through strong training and professional effectiveness for building confidence and strengthening partnerships through the realization of excellent and durable businesses.

Nossa Missão

  • Provide the best solutions for our customers
  • Attract buyers to meet their searches
  • Transparency in the process from start to finish
  • Documentary support to prevent fraud or loss
  • Minimize and overcome all the barriers that arise
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